Featured Projects


TSheets Time Tracking Chrome App

To enable TSheets to enter the desktop app space, we created a Chrome Packaged App using AngularJS.   It is a fully offline-capable application with over 7,000 users.  See our full project writeup.


Balihoo Help Center

To extend the online available support for their suite of products, Balihoo was looking for a support site that was driven by search but also by client profile.  What resulted was a collaboration between the Balihoo internal graphic design team and our technical capabilities to build out a Drupal support site.  We use a vertical content structure as more of a guided process, but then a more horizontal discovery by using related terms.  The goal was to provide a useful support site even if search wasn't used.  Here is a link to view the Balihoo Help Center.

Busy building software... several projects not listed