Software Engineer

Your mission as a full stack web software engineer is to create software applications by using modern frameworks and productive, practical software techniques.  We are a team of freelance devs helping many tech companies. Working with us you won't build just one product, you will build several products for different businesses, becoming a valuable contributor to each of them.  You will help manage software projects working closely with users and clients.  We are looking to add to add another full stack dev to our team who is comfortable spending most of their time using modern front end JS frameworks and can jump right into complex Angular and React projects.  As the fourth member on our team, you will have a big impact on the software we create and the company we are building.

Interested? Let's chat.  Email me, Jeremy Zerr at, or find me on the Idaho Tech Slack channel @jeremy.zerr




  • Architect web applications from idea to code, evaluating and using the best technology fit given everything known about the project.
  • Master software customer service, showing users how amazing it is to have a software developer who can accept fault, communicate a solution, and work to improve software and processes so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Manage software iterations using software project management tools.
  • Experience breaking down complex customer features into requirements and manageable stories.
  • Create front end web apps using modern JavaScript frameworks including Angular and React with Redux.
  • Create hybrid mobile applications with frameworks such as Ionic or React Native.
  • Create and maintain web applications that are used in a production setting.
  • Develop back end API services using best practice MVC design principles.
  • Implement data models to be stored in relational and non-relational databases and optimize them to work with the application.
  • Architect applications in the cloud using Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with our developer community.



Technical Skills

You should be able to...

  • Develop back end API services using an MVC framework
  • Create data models in relational or non-relational databases
  • Use Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers to create scalable systems
  • Create with a modern front end JavaScript framework like Angular or React
  • Be able to learn new tech



Here's why you want to work for Zerrtech


We are a small team of software engineers that has created software for several of the most well known companies in Idaho, including TSheets, Micron, St. Luke’s, Kount, Balihoo, Scentsy.  Here are some of the reasons why you want to work for us.

Run by developers, for developers

Does your CEO really know tech? Do they prioritize giving you the opportunities you need to challenge your skills, use modern techniques, and let you spend entire days coding instead of attending meetings? Are they a teacher and a coach, focusing on where you want your career to go? We know what developers need to thrive, because we are run by developers that know how to unleash your capabilities. 

Fun Fridays

Writing great code means investing in yourself, learning new frameworks, new techniques, and practicing them. Why do you have to do this only in your spare time, nights, weekends? (hint: You don't!) We believe continuous knowledge enrichment is part of being in the career we have chosen. Our goal is to have the first 4 days of our week dedicated to making great products for our clients, and Fridays stay open for personal development. This involves learning new frameworks, improving our skills, working on business ventures that may turn into products someday. This all feeds back into our client work enabling us to deliver better products, and accelerate our personal growth. This innovative workweek has been in place since day 1 of doing freelance work, over 7 years ago. 

We love what we do

If you love making software, you are welcome on our team. We truly enjoy the creative process and every last detail that goes into making software for a wide variety of clients and industries. Let's face it, you will spend a lot of your life working, do something you love and have a more fulfilling life. 

Work with many companies instead of just one

We believe the people in your life help shape the person you become and can bring out your best. Working with many great clients allows us to meet many smart people from all different industries, each with unique approaches to problem solving. The sum of those relationships brings out the best in us. It gives us a much bigger mission in life. We don’t just help out one company with one product, we help out many companies with many products. We don’t just learn one industry, we get to learn about each client’s business. We strive to have the intuition about their business as if it were our own. This improves the non-programming side of ourselves, important in being a well-rounded person. 

Work on new tech, now, not years later

Clients look to us for expertise because we get to work with many frameworks, languages, products, and industries. Those outside experiences make us valuable advisors. We pick the right tech for the job and start new projects frequently. We practice new technologies until we become proficient. This prep work happens on Fun Fridays, not on your own time. We do this up front so that when the time comes, we can quickly transfer those new technologies into successful client projects. Right now, we are building with Angular, React + Redux, Ionic. Will you have opportunities with your current job to do this now or will you have to wait years?

Interact more directly with end users and clients

Putting walls and barriers between end users and developers is no way to make a great product. In fact, it's the quickest way to kill a project before it even starts. We believe in close interaction with end users and a collaborative design process. For example; clients don’t give us a spec that we code in a bunker to then deliver a product months later. Anyone who has worked that way knows it is very inefficient and makes unhappy developers and clients. We build iteratively via constant feedback from users and clients. Clients and users that don’t have a personal sense of ownership of the product, dooms it from the start. We have experienced it in other organizations in our pre-freelance life, so we do things a different way, a better way. 

Modern development practices and tools

Pivotal Tracker for agile project management, Github/git for version control and collaboration, BugHerd for collecting feedback, analytics to know what users are doing and how an app is performing, and integration of all these together. Yeah these tools cost money, but are critical to delivering great software that clients trust and enable productive developers. An investment in tools makes our lives easier and allows us to be professional developers. 

Education is important

Every employee is given money to spend on educational opportunities. Examples include attending and traveling to conferences, books, training classes and online resources, whatever you need. In addition, our Fun Fridays give us opportunities to learn and teach each other without the pressures of delivering on client projects. We are frequent presenters at local meetups and camps, and encourage giving back to our developer community in any way. 

Where we work

Your environment has a big effect on your life. It can spark creativity, or drown it out. We embrace the energy of downtown Boise and having an office space that is fun and functional. We also mix things up a bit, getting out of the office to work from Trailhead, coffee shops, and our yearly Mountain Hackfest where we work and play remote from a mountain cabin. We are small, plan on staying small, which allows us to do these things. Come join us!


We have health Insurance, a retirement plan, education allowance, downtown parking pass or bike benefit program, all the gear and software we need.


Let's chat.  Email me, Jeremy Zerr at, or find me on the Idaho Tech Slack channel @jeremy.zerr