This year at Boise Code Camp I am presenting on a couple different topics.

One is on AngularJS Fundamentals, get the slides.

I discuss the fundamentals of creating web applications with AngularJS 1.x, covering topics of modeling your data, creating templates, designing directives, all work included Plunker code samples for you to run and try out.  Also includes strengths and weaknesses of Angular, comparisons to React and Angular 2, and what kind of software you can build with Angular.  Here is a link to this presentation on the Boise Code Camp Lanyrd site.

My second talk is Adventures of a Freelance Software Developer, get the slides here with no presenter notes, and here with presenter notes.

If you have aspirations of being a freelance software developer, come learn from my experiences of running my own freelance business over the last 7 years. I will share things that worked, things that didn't, what tools I use, how to market yourself, how to pick technologies to focus on, how to manage projects, and many other things that most don't think of when jumping into the freelance lifestyle.  Here is a link to the presentation on the Boise Code Camp Lanyrd site.

Hope to see you all at the awesome event!