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Project Management

Project Management

We help enable your team to focus on their work while we take care of project management. Clear communication and attention to detail is what sets us apart.



We use frameworks that are mature and proven so your product will be built upon a solid foundation. We know client and server side, so we know everything it takes to make an app succeed.

Tech Strategy

Tech Strategy

Have an idea but don't know how to get there? We do. Figure out how to turn your idea into reality in an iterative approach to minimize expense and maximize feedback.

Featured Clients

Boise State

And several more in other industries, Contact Us to see if we have relevant experience for your project.

Tech Specialties

Django - Python MVC/ORM
D3 Javascript Charts
Android Mobile Apps

These are our most popular technologies, we have lots of other experience, too.
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Featured Projects

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Our Approach

Technical Project Management

No barriers to contacting the developers doing the work on the project. The key to a successful software project is having coders and the client and users in direct contact. Decisions can be made more efficiently and questions answered promptly.

Transparent Development Process

Working with contractors can be a big adjustment. You typically don't have the visibility to day to day progress like you would have with your own team. It doesn't have to be that way. We maintain constant contact by giving clients direct access to our agile backlog and dedicated resources in any given week. This allows us to get your feedback and change direction quickly, like your own team could.

Small on Purpose

We stay small so we can do our highest quality work on a selective group of projects. We only take projects that are the best fit for our skills and interests. This allows us to focus on your project instead of us being stretched too thin. We limit our client work to 4 days a week so we have the time to invest in training and exploring new technologies on our team to continue developing great software.

100% US Based

We never sub-contract out client work. This allows us to ensure your privacy and legal concerns about non-US countries are not a problem. We also don't lose the valuable experience of building your project to an outsourced team that goes away after launch. We retain it along with your internal team and stay with you after launch.