Here is a link and embed of a presentation I gave to the Boise Google Developers Group a couple weeks ago.  I presented about Google Chart Tools, which is a web data visualization package provided by Google to use.  It is a Javascript API to create interactive, nice looking charts to dress up a data-driven website.  I have used Google Chart Tools in several projects for clients and myself, and find them to be easy to use and stable.

Knowing that any solution to a problem first needs a problem, I begin the presentation with a list of the requirements that a particular project for a client had regarding Data, Tools, and Development environment.  I then proceed through the many web-based data visualization solutions out there and show why Google Chart Tools fit my requirements best.  Then, I have a quick, general overview of the Google Chart Tools features then leave the rest of the details for you to explore on the site which includes a Code Playground and Chart Gallery.