To gain more experience building with React + Redux, we are building a time tracking web app based on the TSheets API and sharing our experiences with our developer community here in Boise.

We have built other TSheets API apps in AngularJS as a part of paid client work that we do at Zerrtech, which is Andrew Chumich and I, Jeremy Zerr.  Given that experience, building something similar to a previous project in another framework is be a great way for us to compare AngularJS to React + Redux.

Ultimately, we hope to understand those critical differences and similarities between the frameworks and approaches to designing web applications.  It will make us better advisors and more well-rounded front end developers.  Every framework we work with, and every project we complete, helps us reach these goals.

We decided that it could be beneficial to others if we shared this process with our fellow colleagues in the community.  We presented a few design lessons we learned at the Boise Frontend Development Meetup.  We hope to follow up soon with more lessons learned.  All of the source code is released on Github.  Here are the links to the materials from the presentation:

React + Redux Design Lessons Learned

PDF Slides

Github repository react-redux-tsheets-app

If you have any challenging projects that you need some contract help on, and like to work with people who are passionate about what they do, we would love to hear from you, reach out to me on LinkedIn.