Suds Creative

We have been helping Suds Creative by filling the role of tech strategy and engineering team leadership, along with architecture and development on all aspects of their web tech stack.

We have developed tools to use internally, client facing products, work directly with clients and internal stakeholders to build tech behind the greatest car wash marketing company ever seen.

digital ocean

Technologies Used

  • React
  • Python/Django
  • Relational databases - Postgres, MySQL, Firebird
  • NodeJS
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services (Lambda, API Gateway, RDS)
  • Digital Ocean
  • Gatsby
  • Gitlab (for git hosting and CI/CD)
  • PHP/Laravel
  • API integrations (Twilio, Mailgun, Active Campaign, and many more)

About the Client (Suds Creative)

Suds Creative has been innovating in the car wash marketing space for years. They are leaders in using data and design together to help car washes run smoothly and create a great experience for their customers.

“Suds Creative has been laser focused on their industry and crushing it in a way that nobody can match. The combination of tech solutions with such an in-depth understanding of their customers is their recipe for great software solutions that solves real problems.” — Jeremy Zerr, Founder, Zerrtech

In the Client's Words

“Zerrtech has been a development partner of Suds from the beginning and is an invaluable resource to our team and our clients. Uber-professional, they communicate well, and work seamlessly with our in-house engineering team. I would recommend Zerrtech to any company large or small that wants their project done correctly, and on time.” — Jason Baumgartner, Co-founder and President, LinkedIn

Project Roles

Our roles for Suds Creative include:

  • Created automated data analysis web application to deliver live KPIs to car wash owners with charts powered by D3.js in React, along with text/email reports. Backend REST API powered by Python + Django and a Postgres DB, delivered via Digital Ocean cloud.
  • Designed many automated processes to analyze data, integrate with marketing and business tools to keep data and decisions flowing.
  • Providing strategy around development practices and helping to lead internal engineering teams.
  • Creating Amazon Web Services cloud architecture to host APIs in Lambda + API Gateway.
  • Created web application to enable a team of sales people to generate 50+ page custom PDF reports based on criteria used to evaluate new car wash locations.
  • Working with designs provided by Suds Creative internal design team to implement responsive UI across web sites and emails.